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Our love for our families is shown through everything we all do and in the special memories we create with them daily, and here at Grow Monkey we want to help you to keep those treasured memories

Grow Monkey helps you capture those wonderful special moments as your baby grows

A Bag Filled With Love is a time-capsule for messages from loved-ones, keepsakes and reminders of a loving childhood

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Grow Monkey Full Kit
Click the picture to find out more about Grow Monkey Kits
A Bag Filled With love
Click the picture to find out about A Bag Filled With Love Kits
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Poppy can say mumma milestone cards
Maxwell at the beach with Grow Monkey
An envelope filled with love
An envelope filled with love
Brogan five days old new baby Grow Monkey Gift
Aston six hours new baby with Grow Monkey
Nicholas and his Grow Monkey
Zachary and milestone cards with Grow Monkey
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Harlyn and Grow Monkey at the Cookie Jar
Of course it's not just about the kits - Grow Monkey has a way of taking over...... click the picture to see some of the fun things our Grow Monkey family have done...
New baby Piper With Her Grow Monkey Chalkboard
Back Of Grow Monkey Chalkboard

Tips for using your Grow Monkey Kit

Add your baby's name above the banner at the top of your chalkboard, and add the date between the yellow stars

Use a mild detergent (we find kitchen spray works well) and a wet cloth to wash your chalkboard

The back of your chalkboard is blank to capture moments of mischief or send special messages to friends and family

Tighten your Velcro strap before each use, and keep the fuzzy side facing inwards to keep your card in place

Give your chalk pen a few dabs before each use, pressing down until the chalk is running through freely

To check my baby's weight, I jump on the scales myself with and without my baby; the difference is baby's weight

Grow Monkey is approximately the length of a new born, so by taking a photo of baby next to Grow Monkey you can see how your baby grows

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Harlow and her Grow Monkey Baby Memory 46 Days Old
Logan With Grow Monkey
A bag filed with love card set
Canvas bag filed with love
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Baby Harlyn And Grow Monkey 21 Weeks Old Baby Picture
Baby Evelyn Grow Monkey Memory
Harlyn Can Walk Baby Milestone Card
Grow Monkey Back Of Chalkboard Baby Treasured Memories
Maxwell Rolls Over Baby Milestone Cards
Ruby And Her Doll And Grow Monkey Board
Grow Monkey Limited 05454862. Safety precautions: Please allow 5 minutes after writing on the board before taking the photo so the ink has time to dry. Please note these products are designed as props for taking photos and are not designed to be played with by your baby. Your hand made Grow Monkey is CE tested and safe for your little one to play with but please do not leave your baby unattended with any of the products. Terms Apply