TED Talks


All sites are not equal. Some are fab, some are nonsense. What we have here is a collection of our favourites. Some are just for fun, others we think are really useful.

Please do browse the recommendations - there are some absolute gems in here - and tell us about your favourites too. Email the Editor.

One of our all-time favourite sites is TED, which stands for 'Technology, Education, Design'.

On this site you will find hundreds of videos featuring twenty minute or so talks by some of the smartest, most talented and creative people on the planet. Serious talks about climate change, brilliant magicians, talented musicians, awe-inspiring scientists. There really is something for everyone.

Visit TED and be amazed!

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Way Back Machine

Way Back Machine

This is great. Wish we had thought of it! This site let's you see how the web used to look, way back. Type in a URL and it will show you a selction of dates, with an idea of how much content there was on the site. Then click and look at it! Of course these are images of how the sites used to be, so don't expect all the links to work just as they did before......

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