TED Talks

TED Talks

This is our absolute favourite website.

TED started as an annual gathering of some very smart people in Monterey, California.

Coming from all walks of life they would present their work to each other in 20 minutes or so. There are artists, musicians, scientists, politicians, business people, educators and philosophers covering so many topics.

Now their talks are online and can be downloaded as podcasts too. There is something for everyone here and we just cannot begin to say how great it is.

Its funny, stimulating, serious, inspiring, thought-provoking, motivating, informing we could go on and on extolling its virtues but really you should just go visit them here.

As a starter, let us recommend a couple of great talks:

Barry Schwarz on why choice is not always a good thing The Paradox of choice

Michael Shermer on why we believe crazy things Skeptic magazine

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