Do you love TV & film? So do we. All sorts from the soaps to serial comedies, dramas and movies.

We're not alone of course, and in 2006 some people got together and decided to create a website to share news about things they love, and thus was born Geektown.


Now, it's not just about TV of course. They post stuff on all kind of things (mostly geeky though!) including games and events. We really like a lot of the content on this site, but the reason we mention it here is because of the 'UK air dates' pages.

This is brilliant

So, we set up Sky Never Miss, and we keep a look out on the TV, and sometimes check the TV Times but that's not quite enough. Those things will tell you shortly before things start, but I want to know when and if my favourites are coming back - and I want to know now. That's where Geektown really wins out.

Check this out UK Air Dates

It's a really comprehensive list of great cult programmes, saying when they are coming back to our screens, which ones have been cancelled, or which network has bought them up. I have no idea how they get this stuff, but it must take hours of work.

There are lots of other really great articles and reviews on there as well, and it's a pleasant way to while away some spare time. If you are looking for another cult series to watch, have a look and you may find some shows there that you hadn't heard about.

We love this site. Thanks David Elliott for creating it.

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