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If you work in an office you will probably have experienced some of the corporate madness and silliness that Dilbert cartoons showcase.

It really is quite amazing when you realize how close to the truth this stuff is.

In the 1980s Margaret Thatcher (Britsh Prime Minister 1979-1990) reflected that the famed political comedy about government 'Yes Minister' was far too close to the truth for comfort, and that's how it is with Dilbert.

Dilbert was created by Scott Adams, and he says that the character is a composite of many of the co-workers he shared office space with over his 20 years working in big American corporations.

The cartoons mainly focus on Dilbert who is a reasonably smart, competent working guy whose boss is an idiot. Sometimes Dilbert is very smart, surrounded by fools (think of Marvin in the Hitchhiker's Guide) but generally he's just a regular put-upon office worker.

Each short cartoon reflects on the corporate nonsense which so many of us have to put up with every day, although in recent years the character has also ventured away from the normal office enviroment but not with as much success, or humour we think.

As well as the cartoons in newspapers and umpteen books, the website now offers a hug number of Dilbert cartoons and you can see a fresh one every morning.

Of course like all things this won't appeal to everyone, but there's generally a smile in there somewhere, so make the daily visit to Dilbert and see the cartoon of the day. The site also has thousands of old cartoons, animations and the shop where you can acquire a few Dilbert products. We quite like the service that will provide T-shirts or mugs with your favourite cartoon.

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