Pinewood Resort Pool

Pinewood is on the coast near Mombasa. Kenya is a large country of course and the journey from the Masai Mara to here is a long one. We drove back to Nairobi, then flew to Mombasa. From Mombasa airport we took a private four-wheel drive across the river on the ferry (for this alone there was a 40 minute wait) and the journey to pinewood is about four hours. It's a very long day's travelling.

We were welcomed with a cooling cocktail, and although it was late the restaurant had been kept open.

There are one or two photographs here that will show you the quality and space here. Pinewood is blessed with a beautiful beach and well-proportioned pool. In fact for the number of guests this really is a big resort. Do remember though that you are in Kenya, so the electricity will go off now and again, it will be very hot, and the food here is different. Quite a lot of local fruits and salads, barbecued meats and fish are the staples.

Around the pool lunch was really pleasant; freshly cooked pizza, chicken and fish.

There are some basic entertainments such as table tennis and beach volleyball, but generally this is a quiet resort so evenings will be spent with a drink and some good company. Entertainment took the form of a special barbecue evening served on the beach (surprisingly good) and local maasai came along to sing and dance and sell their wares. The grounds are well-kept, with pretty trees and shrubs. This is a great place for a honeymoon, or just a quiet week in the sun.

If you fancy a trip out, there is an excellent restaurant called 'Ali Barbour's Cave' which, apart from being cleverly named, is in a cave with an open roof. It's a short drive from the Pinewood - get a cab as it is not the safest of places for the tourist alone.

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