Your African adventure could begin here, in Nairobi.

If you are going on safari it is likely that you will not spend too much time here in Nairobi, but there are two places we would particularly recommend and if you are staying overnight then you can easily fit these in.

The Giraffe Sanctuary

Giraffes At The Sanctuary in Nairobi

Your first stop is the Giraffe Centre. Here you will see giraffe up close. You'll be able to feed them (they supply the food for a small fee - don't try to bring your own), stroke them, have your picture taken, and if you are lucky you may even get a kiss!

The Giraffe Centre is an hour's drive from the City, and if you've arranged your trip through a tour company then they will certainly offer this trip to you. Our safari adventure was booked through Virgin - and we would thoroughly recommend them.

As you drive out of the city there will be a shopping opportunity of course - there are very many bazaars with carved animals, pictures, pottery and textiles. It's essential to haggle - they will set the prices very high to start with and it really is expected.

You may not be used to this, and you may find it uncomfortable but please do it - it's part of the adventure and actually quite easy. There are some lovely carvings but the prices here are certainly higher than elsewhere. This is perhaps because it's the beginning of your adventure and the locals know that you have nothing yet to compare them to. So, buy something of course so you have some memories of Nairobi, but you will find many more bargains elsewhere.

The Carnivore Restaurant


Your second stop is the Carnivore. Now, obviously, this is not a place for vegetarians or vegans - and if this is you please don't read on any further. Just skip to the next page of your African adventure.

The Carnivore is outside Nairobi, perhaps a thirty minute drive. As the name suggests this restaurant specialises in meat. It is a very well known restaurant, and in its hey-day it was famous for its game. Nowadays there are very many protected species in Kenya and the more exotic meats are no longer available. You will be able to sample ostrich, zebra and crocodile and the feast is supplemented with more traditional fare such as pork and chicken.

We have read many reviews on the Carnivore, and they seem to either say that the Carnivore is past its best and no longer worthwhile, or praise it highly as a must-do experience. In fact we would say that these are both right. There is no doubt that it is not what it used to be and the lack of game meat means it is no longer the completely unique experience it once was. But the dining experience is still pretty good. It's in a nice setting, the chefs and serving staff are friendly and efficient. Portions are good (rather like a Brazilian steakhouse they come around frequently with meat on huge sword-skewers) and the prices are perfectly reasonable. More than anything else it's just a traditional part of the safari - so do it (if you like meat) and it's going to provide some good memories of your trip.

Giraffe at the Sanctuary Giraffe Sanctuary Carnivore Restaurant Carnivore Staff

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

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