Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park is a four hour drive from Nairobi. Start early and you will be rewarded with some great scenery and your first glimpse of wildlife. Of course it will be very exciting to see zebra and buffalo and giraffe just casually roaming, but this is just a taster. You will soon be overwhelmed by the wildlife. Photographs that you take during this part of your journey will probably not make it to your album - you will take so many much better ones very soon!

The drive will take you through wooded areas but even here you will be treated to some wildlife views. Of course the aim of any safari is to see the 'big five': lion, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros and elephant. Some people are surprised to find buffalo in the five, but they are said to be the five that the hunters of old would seek because they were considered to be the most dangerous. Certainly they are all quite capable of fighting back. Thankfully there is now much more protection for these magnificent animals, and hunting was banned in 1977.

At Nakuru you will certainly be able to check off two of the five. The white rhinoceros (which is grey in fact: the name comes from the Dutch 'weit' meaning wide and refers to the flat, wide nose) is much easier to see than the black. Unfortunately the white rhinos you will see here are not native to Kenya - the East African white rhino is now extinct - but they have been re-populated from South Africa.

Nakuru Giraffe

There is also an abundance of buffalo here, and the other members of the big five but they are much harder to spot. In Lake Nakuru National Park there are both official safari jeeps and private cars - the roads here are good so a four-wheel drive vehicle is not essential. We do recommend the guided tour though - it is pretty easy to get lost here and as you will see during your safari adventure the guides really do know the best routes. Not only that, they know the wildlife too and this can be a very educational trip.

The park is rich in birdlife, but the lake itself is famed for its flamingoes which you will see in the thousands. The lake is surrounded by salt, and you will need to be careful if you decide to take a walk here - the salty, muddy goo will ruin your shoes if you're not careful.

The drive around the park will probably take a half day - the typical route is perhaps 20 miles or so - and because it is relatively close to Nairobi can be an excellent way to experience the wildlife of Kenya. Stop at the lodge for some lunch, and watch the monkeys playing around the small lake at the back. Then if you are able, continue your Kenyan adventure.

Nakuru Lodge Nakuru Monkeys Nakuru Park Rhino at Nakuru

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