Iguassu Falls, Argentina & Brazil

Iguassu Falls Argentina Brazil

The magnificent Iguassu Falls are situated on the border between Argentina and Brazil (and within a short drive of Paraguay). One of the three so-called wide falls (the others are Niagara and Victoria) these are without a doubt the most powerful and impressive. To get the best of the falls we recommend you visit both sides.

Map of Iguassu

The falls themselves are mostly (but not entirely) on the Argentinian side so the panoramic views in our album were taken from Brazil. But to stand above and look down at the teeming water you really must go to Argentina. On this side they have built a wonderful national park and it makes a splendid day out.

We flew to Foz do Iguacu (yes, there seem to be several ways to spell this - in Brazil it is Iguacu and in Argentina it is Iguazu, and of course we use Iguassu!) in Brazil and stayed at the Cataratas hotel (see our review of this hotel here). On both sides there are very well constructed pathways with handrails and so they are very accessible for everyone, although it is a long walk so sensible shoes are a must.


You can walk along the length of the river and at the end on the Brazilian side are huge viewing platforms so you walk above the falls and very close to the Devil's Throat. As you may imagine the amount of water spray is significant. You will get very wet here at this point so make sure you have a bag for your camera.

There is a speedboat trip down the river available from either the Brazilian or the Argentinian side. The main purpose of this trip is to get you very wet. We are not exaggerating. Please do not for one minute think that this is like the maid-of-the-mist trip in Niagara (see our review of Niagara here). Take a change of clothes, take off your shoes, and have a bag for your camera (but do take it with you if you can because there are great views from the river level). The trip is fast and furious and will stop under the waterfalls and go through rapids. Several times to be really sure you are soaking wet.


A day trip to the national park in Argentina is the very best way to experience the falls. It is really very well laid out with vast walkways all around the falls. from this side you can look down upon the falls, and across the river. At the point of crossing, the river is 2km wide. To get there you take a train, then it's a long walk across the river to the top of Devil's Throat.

Below is the view from the walkway. It's incredibly calm here, but the Devil's Throat is just a short walk away - picture below and right.

The national park itself is of course very beautiful as well and so this does make a very nice trip out. There are food outlets and souvenir shops, but it's also a very nice place for a picnic. Please view our photographs below, and we hope you get to make this wonderful trip of a lifetime.

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The Hotel Cataratas, Iguassu

The Cataratas Hotel

The Hotel Cataratas is in the grounds of the National Park on the Brazilian side. Here, enjoy much quieter, private views of the falls when the park is closed More...

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