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Boston Legal Building

The Movie Tour company operate in many cities across the USA and the rest of the world. We took the Boston Movie Tour because it is a really good way to get a quick tour of the city and spot the sights that you may want to visit later, at a more leisurely pace.

In Boston the tour begins on foot on Boston Common. This has been used in used of movies and both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon film here frequently.

Walk across the common towards the memorial and State House, then join your tour bus. Boston is a small city really, and almost immediately you will see the old Ally McBeal building. The show wasn't filmed here of course, but the outside shots of the building were.

The movie makers mix things up a fair bit, with scenes of Boston being shown through the windows of a New York office in some scenes, not least because of the very impressive gold dome atop the State House.

Boston State HouseBoston Legal is also filmed here with the very impressive building housing the old firm of lawyers being based at 500 Roylston.

Along the tour you will be able to take a drink in the actual bar used in Good Will Hunting. You'll also see the outside of the buildings used in a chase scene The Departed, where Matt Damon runs from one building to another without any mention being made of the street in-between!

The Town was also filmed here and there are many opportunities to see scenes from that movie.

Don't forget the most famous Boston location of course - the Cheers Bar is open for photos and beer.

The tour lasts for about three hours, and you'll have plenty of photo opportunities along the way as you will hop on and off the bus very regularly.

The Departed Boston Common Good Will Hunting Ally McBeal Building

Boston Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail

The Boston Freedom Trail is a great way to see the important historic sites of the City withoiut getting lost! Follow the red brick road.

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