Boston is of course quite literally a historic city. This place is a blend of old (not quite ancient) and modern, business and culture, movies and parks, study and leisure.

It was in Boston that the ideas that led to American independence were born; here that the the Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Bunker Hill fuelled the fight that ended with the creation of a new nation: the United States of America.

It is perhaps the most important story in the history of the US, and it should be no surprise that the places and people involved are celebrated and remembered along the Freedom Trail - a walk through the city talking in the main sites of these great events

Boston is a small city, and it can easily be explored on foot (the exception is Harvard on the other side of the river; for this take a taxi or bus). Do spend some time in the Public Garden and on the Common. These are right next to each other and beautifully kept. The swan boat in the lake in the Public Garden has been operated by the Paget family since 1877 and is a most pleasant way to spend 15 minutes for a few dollars. The Garden and the Common are both frequently used in movies and television, as are other sights in the city and the movie tour is another excellent way to see the city. If walking does not appeal, we can recommend the duck tour (or one of the many other accompanied bus tours). Visit the tourist centre on the Common for more ideas.

The City has some spectacular buildings, both old and new, and you must make sure you see the famous Boston Library, a magnificent and enormous building dating back to 1848. This was the first public library in the United States.

Quincy Market is behind Faneuil Hall (see our page on the Freedom Trail) and is a great place for souvenir hunting (there is an abundance of Harvard and Cheers memorabilia here) and also has dozens of fast-food outlets catering for just about every taste.

Boston Library.

Commonwealth avenue is is wonderful tree lined, wide avenue with the better shops. Here you will find Cartrier and Burberry and many others.

The John Hancock Tower, designed by Henry Cobb, opened in 1975 and is one of the tallest buildings in New England. Its entirely glass exterior reflects the old and the new in Boston and you can see the reflection of the Trinity Church and the original Hancock Tower. The Tower is no longer open to the public, so for a high level view of the City try the Prudential Tower in Copley Square. This 52 storey building has an observatory on the 50th floor with 360 degree views of the city. For a fee you can walk all the way around the top and get a complete view of the city. There is a rather good audio system that tells you what you can see as you walk around.

Boston is not known for its theatre, although there are three or four theatres near to China Town. Don't expect to see a great many shows here, it certainly isn't Broadway, but there is generally one world-class show here.

There are a number of good hotels in Boston as you would expect. For a touch of old-fashioned luxury try the Taj Hotel on Arlington. This is an excellent location overlooking the Public Garden and a short walk from the Freedom Trail, Boylston Street and Copley Square.

Of course Boston is also famous for its baseball and the Boston Redsox have their Fenway stadium here. It's the oldest stadium in the United States, having opened on April 20th 1912.

Boston has a number of famous names to its credit, the most well known being John F Kennedy. Boston has produced three other Presidents though: John Adams, Quincy Adams and Calvin Coolidge.

It's a beautiful city and has something for everyone: great walks, parks and good shopping, but the real attraction here is for the tales it tells of American history. Walking around this place is most definitely the best way to get a sense of its character, and above all you will understand just how important it all was.

Boston Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail

The Boston Freedom Trail is a great way to see the important historic sites of the City withoiut getting lost! Follow the red brick road.

Boston Movie Tour

Movie Tour

Matt Damon fans may already know the vast numnber of his movies that have been filmed on location in Boston. Not only his of course, but many other major stars have filmed here. The tour is a great way to see the City by bus and partly on foot.

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