Ketchikan, Alaska

Alaska is a land of adventure. Initially the land of the goldrush, and now famed for its salmon, rainforests and bears.

Ketchikan has a population of just a few thousand, doubled and trebled by tourists in the summer. Here you can take a trip to the rainforest sanctuary. You probably won't see too many bears, but you'll see the evidence of them as your tour guide shows you training trees used by bears to train their cubs to climb, and you will see bear tracks if you look very carefully.

It's certainly worth taking the tour and you'll have quite an adventurous walk through a real rainforest. Sensible shoes are required of course. It is a real forest. Keep an eye out for wild eagles - very hard to spot but very rewarding. There are totem poles in the city, and at the sanctuary you will see them being made by hand, in much the same way they always were. In our photo album below you will see an example being made, and one finished pole in the city centre.

Ketchikan Houses

If you don't get to see any wild eagles you will still have the opportunity to see some wildlife at the sanctuary where both eagles and reindeer can be found. In our picture you'll see reindeer who have lost half their fur. This is quite normal in the summer - by winter time they will once again have a wonderful coat.

Most of the buildings are timber, just as you would expect in a frontier town. They are really colourful.

The city relies heavily on the tourist trade - brought to them by the massive cruise ships that come in every day. So you will not be surprised to find the city mostly full of souvenir shops.

Do buy some Alaskan salmon. It's really tasty, and quite unlike the normal smoked salmon. Try it on some small dry biscuits, and take it home for your friends. They won't be disappointed.

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