Summer Holiday

Adapted By: Michael Gyngell & Mark Haddigan

Well, it doesn't get much simpler than this. A group of young bus mechanics in the swinging sixties decide to take a driving holiday across Europe in search of fun, sun and romance.

They journey in a classic London Double-Decker Bus, and we have a musical feast of singing and dancing with the inevitable ups and downs of boy meets girl.

What makes it great?

It's just plain good fun.

Lots of well known songs, a simple story, happy endings and innocent fun.

Very much of its time, the movie on which this show is based was a huge hit when released in the early 1960s before Beatlemania and when movies of this sort were a very popular way of bringing together the two worlds of pop music and movies.

Summer Holiday Programme

What about the songs?

A few classics here: Summer holiday of course is so well known you probably know the words by heart, but there are other great chart hits of the time such as 'Move it' (one of Cliff Richard's early hits from 1957) and 'We say yeah!' and of course 'Bachelor boy' another huge chart hit for Cliff.

Our view

It's just plain simple fun with some good songs and a happy ending. Not a classic by any means but a great night out all the same.