My Fair Lady

Music: Frederick Loewe

Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

Adapted from the play by George Bernard Shaw, and the film 'Pygmalion'

A man who studies phonetics hears our heroin (a cockney flower girl) speaking and is appalled. In conversation with another man Professor Higgins declares that he can train anyone to speak English properly, and the two strike up a friendship.

Professor Higgins undertakes to train Eliza, and takes her to his home to teach her. After a successful experiment Eliza feels used and leaves, determined to stay with her sometime boyfriend, Freddy. In the end of course Higgins realises he has fallen for Eliza - but will he win her heart?

What makes it great?

It's based on a very successful play by Bernard Shaw, and was made into a truly memorable show and film with Rex Harrison as Professor Higgins. It's a simple and old fashioned comedy romance that has made the journey from play to film to musical effortlessly.

Remarkably Leonard Bernstein, Betty Comden and Adolf Green were originally asked to put Pygmalion to music, but declined saying "It's perfect. Don't touch it".

My Fair Lady Programme

What about the songs?

Many musicals are plays with songs (and brilliant shows they are too) but this show is a little different, because much of the dialogue is in song too.

This is a show that dates back to the 1930s, so many of these songs are very well know indeed: 'I could have danced all night', 'Get me to the church on time' and our personal favourite 'On the street where you live'.

This is good lyrical comedy with songs you will be yearning to sing along to.

Our view

A timeless classic. A simple old-fashioned romantic comedy but with very clever lyrics.