Jersey Boys

Music: Bob Gaudio

Lyrics: Bob Crewew

Based on the book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, this show tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and their rise to success as they created the soundtrack to a generation. As Rick Elice says "It's about revenge and betrayal and crime and punishment and family and women".

What makes it great?

Well of course it's the music, but it's also a compelling story about four men living through troubled times. Frankie Valli has a unique voice - a great challenge for the actor playing the part. As they researched for the book and the show, the writers uncovered real mob connections so what you see in the show is not exaggerated in any way. Marshall and Rick found that everyone had a different point of view, so the show plays the four stories together to tell this for the first time.

Jersey Boys Programme

What about the songs?

It really is all about the songs. They are all classics. If you know and like the four seasons then you will love the show. If you don't know the four seasons you may surpise yourself. Although these songs go way back, they are so well known. There's also something of a surprise here with an experimental sound -there's a brilliant but highly unusual song that you don't associate with this kind of group. They took a big chance, fell out with their record company, and were proved right!

Every single song on the show is a classic, from the best known such as Ces soirees-la (Oh what a night) and Big girls don't cry to the equally good but arguably less well known Stay and Fallen angel


Frankie Valli born Franci Castelluccio in Newark, NJ

Bab Gaudio born in the Bronx

Tommy DeVito born in Belleville

Nick Massi born Nicholas Macioci in Newark

(Nick was replaced in the band by Joe Long)

Our view

Fantastic show. Now oddly we weren't very excited about it, but that's because we had no idea just how many songs we already knew, and what complete classics they were. Obviously it needs to be well directed and performed (which it was), but it's mainly the great music that makes this show. So, we would recommend it very highly - but you need to make up your own mind!