The Vespers

The Vespers have been around for a little while now, although I came across them entirely by accident whilst watching an episode of Elementary. In the closing seconds of the episode I heard a couple of lines of a haunting song...

Thanks to the internet the few words I heard took me to The Vespers and "Better now" which is now a firm favourite on my top playlist. The other gem shown below is a video of an informal performance in Central Park of another great song "I've got no friends".

The band of four is two sisters, Callie & Phoebe Cryar and two brothers, Taylor & Bruno Jones. They've been together since 2009 and they perform a variety of music from haunting ballads to American folk. Their following is largely self-made through touring and word of mouth - and they have released two albums as well as publishing their official music videos on the web.

After hearing the first song and watching the video I downloaded the album 'The Fourth Wall'. The sounds on this album are great and varied - quite surprising in the variety. 'Got no friends' in the studio is better than the impromptu Central Park version, but somehow this band always seems to me to be much better with the video, and the Central Park performance is great fun. They play a vast range of instruments, obviously thoroughly enjoy what they do and watching them is just captivating. It's odd to see these two sisters who are so immensely lively and passionate performing with the calm and thoughtful Jones brothers.

You can watch the official videos of pretty much every song and I really recommend this as the best way to enjoy the band. They have toured in the US only so far, so those of us from elsewhere will just have to wait, but in the meantime there are great videos of their regular performances at the roots festivals.

The Vespers The Vespers The Vespers The Vespers

For more on The Vespers visit their website here.