Harry Bosch


We are great readers, and you will never find us out and about without a good book. In fact, no holiday break would be complete without a full reading list.

In recent years we've become rather hooked on e-readers, and now we can take a good collection on our travels without using up too much room in the suitcase. That said, there are some books that are still best enjoyed in the traditional form, and as lovers of good books we don't discriminate.

On these pages we're going to focus on great reading material, page-turners that will keep you completely gripped. That's quite a tall order, because we all have our own tastes, but we hope you will enjoy the recommendations here, and we'd love to hear your views so please do email us.

Some of our favourites are book series, and for these our review will often be of the whole series rather than a specific book within it.

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Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher

Author: Lee Child

Jack Reacher was born into a military family and spent his childhood moving from country to country and from base to base. As a young man he was educated at West Point and became a military policeman rising to the rank of Major. He is a decorated soldier, and a giant of a man, with a strong sense of right and wrong. He is a formidable fighter, fearless and invincible.

Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre - Autobiograpy

Author: Michael McIntyre

Michael's natural humour comes through of course, and this is a very easy read with quite a few laughs along the way - even one or two laugh-out-loud moments which I think are rare in most comedy books